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Friday, November 14, 2008

MidEast Youth TV relaunches at

We have been working extremely hard on improving Mideast Youth and its services. After launching the beta version of MEY TV, our video-sharing community, more than a year ago, we have come a long way! So we invite you to check our newly developed video platform here:Mideast Youth TV

The Internet has transformed the video medium into an increasingly powerful and interactive form of communication, and allowed for the circumvention of censors. Recognizing this power, Mideast Youth TV was created in order to provide a forum for worthy videos to be shown and distributed.

Through this space, we would like to recognize and support important documentaries, video op-eds, independent regional filmmaking, music, and more, while welcoming controversy.

Although the Internet abounds with video sharing sites, censorship of controversial content has become apparent in them, and we felt it was crucial to finally have a place we call our own, where we can showcase our videos and those of others without having to protest their wrongful removal.

In order to start publishing videos, you don't necessarily have to register! Our website supports Open ID. That means that if you have an AIM account, a account, or Yahoo, Blogger, Livejournal, or more, you can simply sign in with one of those accounts and start posting videos/comments. Once you log in you would notice many great features on the site and we hope that you will take good advantage of them.

We hope that you like what we did with the site and that our hard work has paid off. Don't forget to spread the word about it!

-- Esra'a Al, Director

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