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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Middle East Database, AskZad, Launches in North America and Europe

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Middle East Database, AskZad, Launches in North America and Europe
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA - September 17, 2009.  Arabia Inform and East View Information Services are pleased to announce the AskZad database has launched in North America. 

AskZad is a digital library of Arabic and English content emanating from the countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and containing over 500 million pages of content.

Mohamed Elewa, founder and CEO of Arabia Inform, is seeing his vision come to life.  "I founded Arabia Inform more than a dozen years ago.  We created the Middle East's most comprehensive digitization, indexing and archiving center, aggregating and licensing content from around the region.  I have always wanted to bring the richness of Arabic thought to the West, connecting our cultures.  Now that we are launching AskZad in North America and Europe, I am seeing my ultimate wish realized.  We will continue to develop our content to be more usable by both Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic speaking populations and I hope that Arabia Inform will add a new dimension and understanding to the geopolitical dialogue."

The content found within AskZad collectively forms an unprecedented digital library of the most important publications from across the Middle East and is constantly growing.  As of September 2009, AskZad contains:

Pan-Arab News Index is a full Arabic language index - going back to 1998 - covering:
  • 130 newspaper and news magazine print editions
  • 181 newspapers and new magazines with both print and online editions
  • 215 online news sources from the Arab world
  • indexing of an additional 1,000 news sources relevant to the Middle East
  • article-level views of full content
AskZad Full-Page Newspapers is a full-image collection of Middle Eastern Newspapers which AskZad is licensed to re-distribute.  AskZad is pursuing an initiative through 2010 to license the top 100 Arabic language news publications from the Middle East. 

Pan-Arab News Index is a full Arabic language index going back to 1998 covering over 2,000 news sources from the Middle East, including hundreds of print newspapers, news websites, and magazines. PANI offers up-to-date indexing as well as article-level views of full content.

Pan-Arab E-Books contains nearly 25,000 digitized books.

Pan-Arab Academic Journal Index contains full Arabic language indices of more than 500 Middle Eastern university-published journals and approximately 150 organization-published journals.

Pan-Arab Academic Journals is a database of complete, licensed content of  almost 200 Applied Science and Social Science Academic Journals published in the Middle East. AskZad continues to negotiate with other journal publishers to expand its collection to include all of the 3,000 journals published across the Arab world.

Pan-Arab Dissertations contains almost 7,000 dissertations published by graduate students in the Middle East.

Pan-Arab Peer-Review Articles contains approximately  10,000 peer-reviewed articles in both Applied and Social Sciences.

Pan-Arab Conference Proceedings covers full materials from approximately 50 Middle Eastern conferences (most held annually), primarily academic, and includes white papers, research presentations, etc.

For more information, contact East View at or view our recorded webinar on East View products from the Middle East.

About East View Information Services
East View Information Services is a leading provider of information products and services, including online databases of Russian, Chinese, and Arabic content, print periodicals, books, and microforms. The company serves all geographies and many market segments, including academic institutions, government organizations, corporations, public and federal libraries, and law firms. To learn more about our customers and our products, visit East View

About Arabia Inform
Arabia Inform is a Cairo and Dubai-based information services corporation aggregating, indexing and analyzing media content emanating from MENA countries.  Product lines include AskZad, Middle East Monitor, Acumen Media Intelligence and Moheet news portal..  Founded in 1997 to serve government entities, Arabia Inform has also established itself in Corporate and Academic circles as a cornerstone for Middle Eastern current awareness.  Arabia Inform has also opened an office in Washington, DC. Visit Arabia Inform at

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Talfazat expands programming to include Palestine TV

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Palestine TV Now Available on Talfazat
Leading Arabic TV Service Adds Top Palestine Entertainment Channel to Lineup
Toronto, Ontario – September 15, 2009 – Back by popular demand, Talfazat now gives viewers access to one of the Middle East’s premier channels – Palestine TV.  Offering the best entertainment and news from Palestine, this channel has returned to Talfazat’s service featuring series, game shows, news and more.
Palestine TV was a valued channel on Talfazat when the service first debuted in August 2008.  Popularity among viewers encouraged the channel’s return, which has now been re-launched on Talfazat joining the fleet of close to 30 top channels.
As a leading online Arabic TV service, Talfazat gives viewers global access to live channels and thousands of hours of video-on-demand.  Palestine TV is now available on the TV as part of the Talfazat set-top-box Gold and Silver packages and as well as the PC package.
Talfazat’s lineup continues to be one of the strongest in the market and proves to be the best way to watch the most preferred programming from the Middle East.
Palestine TV’s popularity among our viewers propelled us to welcome its return.  We are thrilled to offer such a diverse and quality content to our viewers.  Talfazat continues its efforts to further expand its channel offerings,” said Judeh Siwady, general manger of Talfazat. 
Talfazat comes to the marketplace through leading technology provider NeuLion (TSX:NLN).  As an end-to-end turnkey service, NeuLion is the backbone of both the online and set-top-box services for Talfazat and a number of other International partners.
Visit for Palestine TV today.
About Talfazat
Talfazat is a leading online Arabic television network.  The service gives viewers high quality access to the most popular live Arabic television channels and thousands of hours of video-on-demand.  As a multi-platform service, Talfazat programming can be viewed via the Internet on both the PC and TV through set-top-box.  There is no need for satellite or complex installation.  Begin watching today at 
About NeuLion
Based in Plainview, NY, Sanford, Florida and Toronto, Ontario, NeuLion (TSX:NLN) works with content partners to develop end-to-end solutions for multimedia IPTV services. The NeuLion IPTV Platform encodes, delivers, stores and manages an unlimited range of multimedia content and the Operational Support System (OSS) maintains all billing and customer support services. Content partners are responsible for content aggregation and the sales and marketing for the individual IPTV service. The Company ranks as a world leader in Partner relationships with sports and international television content partners including, in sports, the NHL, the NFL, NCAA Division I schools and conferences and, in respect to international television aggregators and networks, KyLinTV (Chinese), ABS-CBN (Filipino), Talfazat (Arabic), TV-Desi (South Asian) and Sky Angel (Christian). Partner content can be viewed by way of Internet on PCs and on the television through the Company’s IPTV set-top-box.