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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New online interview program Point to Point with Ray Hanania

Veteran and award winning journalist and author Ray Hanania launches a new online based interview program called "Point to Point."

The show is hosted exclusively by (and and also featured by the National Arab American Times Newspaper ( program will bring guests from around the world together for 10 minute interviews using the Internet and online video.

Hanania, based in Chicago, will speak with guests remotely. The program features two separate "windows" with the guests in one window and Hanania in the other, using the latest in online business video technology.

The inaugural show features Palestinian-Israeli dialogue facillitators Len and Libby Traubman, who are based in San Francisco, and was taped Jan. 28, 2008. The Traubman's, whose web site is, have been involved in "living room dialogue groups" for two decades or more. In the interview, they offer instruction and advice on how to conduct successful peace dialogues.

The fiirst show features very good video, and the audio is good but will be improved in future shows. Interviews often depend on the quality of the audio and video equipment used by guests, the speed of their computers, and the quality of the Internet. All kinds of factors impact the final product, which then must be rendered and edited into an online broadcast quality feature.

The shows are made possible by, a new and increasingly popular online social networking web site that brings together Arabs and Muslims and anyone interested in Middle East news, music and videos.# # #

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