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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Arab American Writers Group writer hired by mainstream American newspaper

I am happy to inform you that on Thursday, January 24th, The Record (formerly known as The Bergen Record, New Jersey's second largest daily newspaper and the 60th in the nation) will be launching my new weekly opinion column! The column will be appear every Thursday.

I will be using the column to express views and analysis on issues related to both New Jersey, and the issues facing our international society as well. This is a major breakthrough for an important perspective which I and others feel is severely lacking in the public discourse. I hope that ALL OF YOU will do what you can to support this new development in balanced media.

A showing of support and appreciation for this new column can include (1) obtaining a subscription to The Record for those of you who live in North Jersey, stating that you are subscribing in order to read Ahmed Soliman's column; (2) writing letters to the editor in response to the column's I write and subsequently showing a solid following and increased discourse; and (3) for all of you, who live in North Jersey and outside that area as well, to hit the online version fo the column to show a demand for the perspective it provides (webpage address forthcoming).

More updates to come. Thanking you in advance and reminding you to feel free to share your ideas and perspectives with me: it might make it to the pages of a newspaper that has hundreds of thousands of readers.

Your friend,
Ahmed Soliman

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