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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Why we need an Arab Journalism Association -- NAAJA

Building a professional Arab American journalism voice

I am urging professional journalists who are of Arab American heritage to please become involved in our efforts to strengthen professional Arab American journalism ... we have created a professional journalism association that is based on the structure of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Asian American Journalists, two groups that are helping us build our professional journalism voices ... it's called the National Arab American Journalists Association

NAAJA is not about politics, but about being professional and, more importantly, networking to advance Arab Americans in the professional mainstream and Arab American media ...

Your support would be great.

There are no fees. No one checks your political views at the door.

All we look for are individuals who are engaged in professional journalism to join our network and to work to build a network that will include your base. We have chapters in Chicago and in Austin, with several in formation, but we need more. Because we do not have funding, each chapter organizes their own activities under the NAAJA banner and they can work with whomever they wish to promote professionalism and also accuracy and fairness. We are activists in only one real cause, identifying and then challenging anti-Arab bias in the mainstream media as well as encouraging young Arab American to pursue professional journalism.

Our young people need role models and you can be a part of that.

Anyway, all it takes is just saying Yes, and then noting your involvement in your work, linking up with us (and asking us to link your efforts, too) ...

We will be at the SPJ Convention protesting mainstream media bias in Chicago on August 24-27 with a booth and handing out materials ... If you have material you feel should be distributed at our booth to hand out to the media that fits our profile and needs defined above, please send them to me at

Ray Hanania
PO Boix 2127
Orland Park, IL 60462, USA

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