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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Seeking viewpoints addressing the bias of mainstream media against Arabs/Muslims

The Society of Professional Journalists is hosting their annual convention here in Chicago Aug 24-26 at the Hyatt Regency ... the National Arab American Journalists will be hosting a booth at the entrance to protest bias and bigotry and discrimination against Arabs, Muslims and Arab issues in the mainstream media

We are encouraging any and all Arab American journalists to consider writing an essay that addresses any or all of the following topics

1) censorship of the Arab and Muslim viewpoint in the mainstream American media

2) the need to make "diversity" all inclusive and address the absence of Arabs and Muslims from mainstream media news rooms

3) the issue of the enormous imbalance that exists in the number of pro-Israel and anti-Arab/Anti-Muslim columns that appear on the Op-Ed pages of AMerican newspapers as compared to pro-Arab and pro-Muslims columns.

4) the absence full time Arab and Muslim columnists from the mainstream newsmedia and the nation's powerful syndications

You may also have other topics to address

We will have a special newspaper edition to be distributed at the convention ...

please email columns to

or mail printed materials to

Ray Hanania
PO Box 2127
Orland Park, IL 60462

Ray Hanania

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