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Monday, May 02, 2011

Proud to have served as the emcee for the Gala Dinner of Life for Relief

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I was honored to serve on Friday as the emcee for a phenomenal Gala Dinner to celebrate the 18 years of great work by Life for Relief in Dearborn on Friday night (before the NAAJA 6th Annual Journalism Conference at the Hyatt which began Saturday). Life for Relief ( does so much great charitable work. And while the dinner was packed with supporters, the biased and unfair mainstream American media was down the street covering the vicious hatred of Terry Jones who did his best to provoke with his hatred violence from the people of Dearborn. Terry Jones was a major story for the media but none of the mainstream media covered the Life for Relief dinner and their achievements, one of the major problems making the American news media more and more irrelevant. The mainstream media ignores the achievements of all Muslim and Arab organizations but always focuses on the negative and the conflict. 

NAAJA ( will help change that pattern of unprofessionalism from the media.

Please take a moment to view this YouTube video by Life for Relief’s Ayman Aburahma which detailed some of the great charitable work they do across the globe helping families, mothers, children, the elderly and everyone in need.

Life for Relief video

Thanks so much
Ray Hanania

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