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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taybeh Palestine OctoberFest Oct 11-12,2 008

Release, Taybeh Municipality,
Taybeh-Ramallah, Palestine
Festival Coordinator: Dr. Maria C. Khoury,
Mobile: 054 5 465 845 or 059 318 347 Email:
(Nadim Khoury +972 2 289 8868) Sept 20, 2008

Taybeh Oktoberfest, the 4th annual village festival is scheduled, Sat and Sun, Oct 11 &12, 2008 in Taybeh-Ramallah, Palestine, 11 am to 10 pm with the opening celebration, 11am at the Taybeh Municipality on Sat, Oct 11th including Al Kamandjati Music and Duernbach Blas Music Band from Bavaria. A successful 2005 first time event initiated by Taybeh Brewing Company, the Oktoberfest in Palestine promoting all local products produced in Taybeh thus boosting the local economy has become a favorite for thousands including dignitaries, ministers and head of representative offices. The festival is the cooperative work of Taybeh Municipality ( and its mayor David Canaan Khoury with all local civic organizations.

The most magnificent site in Taybeh, the Byzantine ruins of St. George Greek Orthodox Church is now a national protected archeological site. New plans are underway in cooperation with Riwaq and the Spanish Cooperation for preventive restoration of Taybeh’s historical old town maintaining traditional architecture with the vision of moving future Oktoberfest activities to the historic neighborhood.

The Taybeh Oktoberfest allows participants to share in the ancient roots of Palestine since Taybeh is one of the oldest places in the region known by its Biblical name Ephraim thereby offering visitors a cultural, educational and ancient heritage on one of the highest mountain regions in Palestine. With a population of less than 2,000, Taybeh residents who suffer to exist under Israeli occupation experience the Oktoberfest as the ultimate form of non violent action.

Taybeh Beer, a leading Palestinian manufacturer who made history launching Taybeh Golden Beer in August 1995 will continue its leading role by introducing the first Palestinian non-alcohol Brew made in traditional German style, 100% malt. This light, crisp, refreshing drink will continue to inspire a Palestinian Oktoberfest in search for freedom and democracy.

The origins of the “Oktoberfest” date back to 1810, when a lavish five-day celebration was held all over Munich to mark the wedding of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig.

Music groups will include Spafford Children’s Center, Wael Abu Salom and Mohamed Hadeeb; Culture Shock, the new Rock-Rap Band; Sanabel; G-Town Hip Hop Makers; Zaman Arabic Gipsy Music; Cinderella-Al Kasaba Theater; Karate Demonstration from Japan; Sarab for Dance; Assayel Dance Troup; Ramallah Orthodox Club; Al Ghad Al Jadid Folklore (Beit Sahour); Ibdaa Dance Troup (Bethlehem) and many local Dabkeh groups. Taybeh will host the first Tag Rugby in Palestine Ramallah Blue Snakes vs Beit Jala Lions RFC, 1 pm, Sunday, October 12th, Taybeh Soccer Field, North entrance of Taybeh.

Please join us Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, 2008, in Taybeh, Palestine.

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