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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Arab Journalists Declare Sianis' Cubs-curse Goat is NOT a real Goat

Sianis Goat and Curse are a Fraud, Hoax, fake, Arab Journalists Declare

Chicago -- The National Arab American Journalists Association today declared that the goat owned by the late Billy Goat Owner Billy Sianis is NOT a real goat and therefore the Curse of the Goat o the Chicago Cubs is a hoax.

Arab Americans have long suspected that the alleged Goat, aka "Murphy," aka "Sinovia," aka "Harry Faced Carey," was not a Goat at all and was not from the Mediterranean. It was a Llama with short legs, and horns glued to his head by the enterprising Greek American restauranteur and owner, Billy Sianis, who brought the alleged goat to Game 4 of the 1945 World Series in which the Cubs were playing against the Detroit Tigers.

Before the game ended, Sianis and his goat, which had limped to his Tavern after falling off a wagon cart, were thrown out of the game by Andy frain ushers and Cubs owner Philip Knight Wrigley, who was quoted as mumbling while chewing a mouthfull of chewing gum, "Dat ain't no Goat. It smells like Fernando Llamas!"

"Clearly, therefore, the power of the curse that Sianis invoked when his so-called 'Goat' was evicked from Wrigley Field is in fact a fraud, a hoax, and trick," said NAAJA member Ray Hanania, a die-hard Cubs fan since he discovered that the only way he could get a date with his first high school sweetheart was to invite her to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs

"If this were a goat," Hanania explained, "the curse would have merit. But, it's not a goat. The Arabs and the Middle East get blamed for everything. This goat is a fraud. It never walked the rockey hills overlooking Bethlehem, or the coast of Jordan or struggled through the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia. It was never nurtured by caring parent goats in a little grotto off the Mediterranean coast. This goat that limped it's way off a South American tomato peddlers cart is in fact a Llama that escaped from the Brookfield Zoo and took up the appearance of a Goat to fool the easily fooled Cook County Sheriff's police."

This is was discussed between Dwight Eisenhower and Saudi Prince Saud right after the World War II, but an exchange of oil between the two nations prevented the truth from coming out. Isn't oil behind all of the world's problems?

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