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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Muslim Writers Competition information Jan. 17, 2007


The headquarter of celebration of esfahan (IRAN) is going to launch an international competition for Muslim writers with cooperation of child and teenage council and by participation of activists in child and teenage literature In the year of prophet by internet due to the attribution of thiscity as the capital city of culture in Islamic world by ISESCO.

Hence, we hereby invite all writers who are professional in child literature to present their works entitled by" MOHAMMAD PROPHET".

The purpose of this international competition is to encourage writers to create written works with great quality and to set up a basis to present their works in the realm of child and teenage literature.COPMPETITION CONDITIONS:

1-Title of competition: Holy prophet life (MOHAMMAD P.B.U.H), his characteristics and features, prophet and children and prophet's miracles

2-Each writer is allowed to send three stories.

3-Published and unpublished stories are acceptable.

4-Published works should have be written after January1st 2006

5-Story text should be presented and typed in the size of A4 paper.

6-Stories should be written for child and teenage interlocutors (between 6 to 15 years old).7-

Stories can be written in Persian, Arabic or English.8-There is no geographical and age limitation for participants.9-It is necessary to write: name of the writer, title of the story, complete postal address and telephone number at the beginning of each story.10-Volunteers must fill an application form carefully.11-The application form is available in www.icow-esfahan.comThe last legal time to send works is 04/02/2007Result proclaim date: 05/04/2007

COMPETITION GIFTS:Great gift: inscription, inlayed badge and $3000 for the best storySecond gift: inscription, inlayed badge and $1000Third gift: inscription, inlayed badge and $1000Persuasive gift: inscription, inlayed badge for 10 peopleFor more information call :( +98)9131082054

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