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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Muslims Magazine launched -- looking for writers

Would you like to help launch a new publication? We are looking to represent young Muslim professionals in America. The fusion that occurs of our cultures and the successes that each of us have had because of this unique blend of traditions should be documented. We are looking for experienced writers that have knowledge about the Islamic world. We understand, as a profession journalist, your time may not permit for you to write an article, but if you have written an article pertaining to any of these topics, or something similar to these topics, we would be honored to re-publish it in our new magazine.

The stories for our topics include:

Musical Groups (ex, Outlandish, Sami Yusuf)
Up and coming Muslims (ex, professionals that are successful in their fields)
Education (ex, Islamic Study programs in universities)
Motherhood (ex, how to pass on your traditions)
Food Section (ex, new restaurant opening)
Architecture (ex, a building, palace, masjid that has some significance)
Fashion (ex, a new fashion designer in the Islamic world)
Globalization (ex, how companies within the Islamic world are benefiting from globalization)
Cultural Struggles (ex, short paragraphs about the struggles we face living in diverse cultural environments)

These sections are open to suggestions, however the examples provided are only to explain what we are looking for. If you are interested and have an exciting story idea for any of the sections listed above, please send a short query describing your article and the sources you intend on using. Please contact:

Moniza Khokhar

Heather W. Austin

Please write Magazine Story in the subject field. The deadline for all queries is July 8 th, 2006.

Thank you and feel free to contact us with any ideas!

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