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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bridges TV Expands its reach to Adelphia Cable TV

Bridges TV Goes Mainstream on Adelphia Cable

The Network Is No Longer a Premium Service on Adelphia Cable

BUFFALO, N.Y., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridges TV announced today the addition of its network to Adelphia Digital Basic Cable service on channel 260. The network was formerly a premium service for $14.95 per month. Bridges TV is a 24x7 English language network focused on bridging the gap between Western and Muslim worlds.

Dr. Khalid Qazi, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) in Western New York, stated, "By expanding Bridges TV to basic cable, Adelphia has shown genuine openness and outreach towards American Muslims giving them a voice in the mainstream media." Dr. Qazi added, "This is an excellent example of a partnership between the local community and the local cable. The best way for the community to appreciate Adelphia is for them to consider Adelphia as their preferred provider."

Bridges TV is now available on Adelphia's Digital Cable service in the City of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs of Western New York at no extra charge.

The expansion of Bridges TV to basic cable (digital) allows Adelphia Cable customers exclusive 24/7 access to news stories, current affairs and unique programming in English focused on bridging the gap between Western and Muslim worlds. Last month, the FBI & Muslim Town Hall on Bridges TV received significant media attention and viewership. The U.S. State Department plans similar television town halls on Bridges TV."The content on Bridges TV is unique with no duplication on the dial," said Nancy Sanders, the News Director of the network and a 20-year veteran of an ABC News affiliate.

Sanders added, "Americans can now get a completely unique perspective on issues from Danish Cartoons to Dubai Ports." After the uproar over the Danish cartoons about Prophet Muhammad, Bridges TV is airing the award winning film "Muhammad, Legacy of the Prophet" on Tuesday, June 20th at 8pm ET / 9pm PT. The film, produced by Michael Wolfe and Alex Kronemer, delivered record Nielsen ratings last year for PBS.

Bridges TV got started in 2005, after 10,000 people contributed $100 each to start a network that would give American Muslims a voice in the mainstream media. However, the network got launched as a subscription-based premium service. This limited the ability of the network to build bridges, as mainstream Americans were unlikely to watch a "Muslim" pay channel. "Today Adelphia has made the dream a reality," said Fayyaz Hussain, President of the Pakistan American Association in WNY.

Mr. Hussain added, "Our organization now plans a community-wide initiative to bring new Digital Cable and High- Speed Internet customers to Adelphia."

Last month MPAC awarded its prestigious annual Media Award to Mo Hassan, CEO of Bridges TV, for helping 8 million American Muslims gain a voice in the mainstream media. "When you give a disenfranchised people a voice, it creates a win-win for everyone," said Hassan.

About Bridges
TV Bridges TV is a 24/7 English language network available in nearly one million cable and satellite television households nationwide. The first of its kind, Bridges TV gives 300 million Americans an opportunity to engage in a dialog with 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide. For more information about Bridges TV, call 716-961-3109 or visit

About Adelphia Communications
As one of the nation's leading cable companies, Adelphia serves more than 5.3 million residential customers nationwide, including over 300,000 customers throughout the Buffalo Niagara region. In addition to cable entertainment, Adelphia offers Digital Cable, High Definition TV (HDTV), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), High-Speed Internet (HSI) and OnDemand services.

Contact Information:Mo S. Hassan, CEO of Bridges TV, Tel: 716-308-6593; EM: mohassan@bridgestv.comEarl Wells, E-3 Communications, Tel: 716-854-8182This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more information, visit

Source: Bridges TV CONTACT: Mo S. Hassan, CEO of Bridges TV, +1-716-308-6593,, or Earl Wells of E-3 Communications, +1-716-854-8182Web site:

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