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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009 Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award Deadline May 1

The 2009 M.T. Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award
Sponsored by the Mehdi Family, and NAAJA

This award is established by the family of the late journalism pioneer Dr. Mohammad T. Mehdi. Dr. M.T. Mehdi regularly challenged the common stereotypes and notions of Arabs in the American mass media and in the public sphere to help create a better understanding of the Arab American community; he raised the issue of Palestine and the human rights of Palestinians to national political awareness in spite of threats to himself and his family. This was at a very difficult time in American history when Arabs were marginalized and the community was not strong. Standing up and speaking out on issues of justice, and on media professionalism, took courage. Each year, in consultation with the Mehdi Family, one candidate who demonstrates courage in journalism is selected to receive this award.

The Winner will receive a Plaque and a $750 Prize from the Mehdi Family.


Journalists may nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual.

The nominee or the individual submitting the nomination, must submit an essay of up to 500 words describing why the nominee merits the Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award.

Include up to five (5) published articles, or media to support the nomination. Radio and video submissions must be provided on CD and/or DVD.

Make two (2) copies of completed submissions. (Two copies of the nomination form, two copies of the nomination letter, and two copies of all sample writings or broadcast media.)

Award Deadline:

Nominations must be postmarked by MAY 1, 2009. Winner will be announced June 1, 2009.

Submit all nominations to:

Mehdi Courage in Journalism Award
Whetstone Productions
P.O. Box 1164
Maplewood, NJ 0704

Complete the entry form below and return to the above address

Mehdi Courage in Journalism AwardEntry Form

Print all information below clearly:

Name of Nominee: __________________________________________________

Nomination submitted by: __________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: _____ Zip: ________

Telephone: ___________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

If nomination is submitted by someone other than the nominee, please include contact information for the nominee here:


Address: _____________________________________________________

City: ________________________________ State: _____ Zip: ________

Telephone: ___________________________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________

I authorize NAAJA, and the Mehdi Family to use my materials in any manner necessary to promote the journalism awards, and to announce my name as a winner. I understand that my submission materials will not be returned. (In the event that the nomination if made by another individual, the winner will be asked to sign this form also to receive their award.)

Sign your name: _____________________________________________

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